Let’s talk Money: Cost of Destination Wedding in Udaipur

Wedding season is around the corner in India, and you can look at many, splashing money on marriages in Udaipur as well. So, if your wedding planning somewhat includes the word “Destination Wedding in Udaipur” then definitely you should nail down the numbers to avoid the uncommon sinkholes of budget.

The glamour of Royal and palatial Wedding in Udaipur is making the budget get bigger and fatter. Needless to say, the aura of picturesque lakes and planning a pre wedding dinner at the City Palace Complex can get any bride to the good stuff. So, in this blog, we are going to share the practically painless information regarding the cost of Destination Wedding in Rajasthan. Calculate your breakdown with this budget guide.

Top Seven Ways to Count Your Big Day Cost in Udaipur

The cost of Indian Wedding is bigger, and when it comes to destination weddings, the price tags got heftier. However, Udaipur is a globally named destination featuring myriads of budget options for couples who choose to marry abroad. Believe it or not, whatever you are planning to spend, can find a nice deal in Udaipur.

Couples, who are planning to getting hitched this wedding season in Udaipur, can calculate the cost with these average figures.


The city of lakes, Udaipur is widely known for its scenic backdrops, and features tons of options to host a fairytale wedding in the historical way. There are over 15 exotic locations that feature the grandeur of the City Palace and the scenic vibe of Lake Pichola in the background.

The top rated venue is Jagmandir Island Palace that is situated in the mid of the lake known for hosting celebrity weddings. Whereas, Leela Palace, Oberoi Udai Vilas, and the City Palace Complex can be on the top of the list of most luxurious venues in Udaipur. These venues possess comprehensive charges of INR 10000-15000 per person. So, a wedding ceremony, including reception for 200 people may cost your around INR 30 Lakhs per evening.

Keep in mind, these venues offer packaged deals of décor, festivities and meals, no accommodation is included in the charges.

The other high end hotels that are nearby the lake, and feature architecture of the historic venues are Trident, Lalit Laxmi Vilas and Chunda Palace that offer INR 4000- 5000 per person cost for a decent wedding organisation with five star facilities for décor and meals.

If the lake venues are packed, you may opt for some interesting resorts such as Ananta Spa and Resorts, and Ramada Resorts or beautiful properties like Fatehgarh and Lakend, situated at the outskirts of Udaipur. You can choose these locations to house your guests, or you can even split up the budget by organising one of the ceremonies here.


Don’t get swept away by paying hefty accommodation charges, unless you want it. The lakeside venues offer five star accommodation facilities, where you have to book a minimum number of rooms to host an event.

  • The palatial heritage location hotels such as Leela and Oberoi in Udaipur may cost you INR 40,000-50,000 for a room and Breakfast for two.
  • Couples, who want to spend less on accommodation, may opt for 5 star hotels like Trident, Laxmi Vilas Palace, and Chunda Palace by booking a room at INR 10000-15000 for a room and Breakfast for two.
  • If you wish to go for 4 star hotels like, Ananta, Fatehgarh, Lakend and Ramada, you can cut the corners by paying INR 8000-10000 for a room and breakfast per night.

Brides who wished for a palatial wedding must consider that the inventory of rooms of modern hotels is larger as compared to the heritage hotels. Hence, if your guest count is more than 200 then either you have to split up your friends and families for accommodation or you may opt for palace like modern hotels that also offer indoor and outdoor venues for wedding festivities.


The charm of Udaipur is in its food, where you will find local delicacies oozing the sagas of chivalry, where as intercontinental cuisine to suit the palate of your guests from overseas. The top line venues in Udaipur charge INR 10000 to 15000 per person for an evening, which means if you have a sangeet ceremony combined with dinner and again a wedding reception buffet the other day for 200 guests, then you have to pay around INR 40 to 60 Lakhs.

While location is the big thing in Udaipur, there is a wide range of gala meals in heritage hotels and 5 star deluxe hotels, where per plate charges can be found around INR 2500 to 5000.

The charges are meant for wedding packages which include full course meal; for cocktails and customised menus you have to pay a little extra.


Contemporary decoration now comes to new heights of expenses; however, Udaipur is a land of beauty oozing its own style that doesn’t need much on the décor side. Though, the palatial locations are complete in themselves for banquet dinners,  the décor budget can’t be off the hook, because it might need a bit of touch up with seasonal blooms or lighting arrangements to exaggerate the grandeur of these palaces.

Udaipur offers tremendous weather to pull off a stunning outdoor wedding, where there are two options to look for décor:

  • Wedding planners: The most convenient option by far to hire someone to take care of venues, stage, lights, decor, table linen and mandap and all the other handy details. Planners are the professionals, they have ally of reliable suppliers, florists and vendors to bring down the figure to INR 15-20 Lakh for decor.
  • Set Decorators: For large and lavish weddings in Udaipur, most venues hire set designers on your confirmation from outdoors to push up the cost of wedding decor to INR 30-50 lakhs, which means all inclusive deals for imported flowers, one of a kind stage and centrepiece arrangements and innovative decor themes.


The considerable chunk which decides the cost of Indian Wedding is entertainment. And, with the increased trend of inviting celebrity artists the prices may rocket up.

Udaipur hosts wide number of international weddings; thus  it’s convenient to ask for exotic ballet dancers or folk artists from any region. For a basic DJ night or garba night sangeet ceremony you will be asked to pay INR 15,000 to 30,000, whereas a Bollywood night with standup comedians and dancing troops with anchor may cost you around INR 3 Lakhs.

Keep in mind, Bollywood artists are eager to join you in your happiest moments but you will probably have to pay a special amount for it that totally depends on their fees.


Udaipur is a globally known tourist destination hence apart from the warm gesture of the localites you will also find that the traveling charges are quite moderate. There are plenty of options to pick up your guests from the airport.

You can hire a bus for picking up a large batch of guests in one go, which will cost around INR 7000-8000 per day, on the other hand private cars may charge around INR 3000 for a day. High end options to pick up the guests are vintage cars and choppers, so be ready to pay a handsome amount.

And More

Most of the couples who planned to wed away in Udaipur believe in the less is more approach, therefore we try to keep everything to the minimal extent. However, no one wants to compromise, so here is a list of some more expenses that decide the cost of wedding in Udaipur:

  • Photography: Budding photographers in Udaipur charge around INR 50-60 thousands per day, where as wedding planners can arrange high end destination wedding photography experts, which will cost you around INR 3-5 Lakhs for three to four ceremonies.
  • Stylists: The most dear cost to brides; Udaipur offers myriads of options for hair, makeup and henna stylists that are par excellence. The budget for each of the stylists revolves around INR 5000 to 25000.
  • Baraat: Caparisoned elephants, Ghodi and vintage cars for the processions including folk artists and dance troops and lot more elements are there to make the procession costs from INR 10,000 to 1 Lakh.

Each wedding is bespoke, no one size budget can fit for all. Cost of destination wedding totally depends on the venue and the number of guests invited. However, for a ballpark figure for the Cost of Wedding in Udaipur, you can host a destination wedding with 150 guests for 2-3 day events at INR 30 Lakhs to 1 Crore and for the extravaganza of Royal Wedding in Udaipur, the sky is the limit.