Wedding Photography

Sometimes just to save some penny couple choose a friend with a good camera for wedding shoot. But in the long run it will disappoint you when you’ll sit with your children and see those pictures. Why to take that regret along!! Perhaps no one wants to ruin memories of the best day of their lives. We guarantee to give you beautiful wedding diaries for you to treasure till you die. We suggest you to take a pre wedding shoot to enhance the memories.

Here are some of the tips shared by our camera expert

  1. Scout the location – Visit the locations of different places that you’ll be shooting before the big day
  2. Create the short list – Get the couple to think ahead about the shots that they’d like you to capture on the day
  3. Preparation is the key – Have batteries charged, memory card blank, itinerary of all the events, gather information about possible position to shoot from.
  4. Turn off the sound from camera
  5. Shoot the small details – Shoes, flowers, menus, table setting etc all memories should be captured
  6. Use 2 camera – Beg, Buy, Borrow or steal an extra camera for the day with different lenses
  7. Learn how to use diffused lights – In various ceremonies lights are dim as per the theme. Using flash as per the background colour contrast
  8. Continuous shooting mode – Switch your camera to continuous shooting mode because you just cannot miss any single memory
  9. Consider your background – People are wandering here and there. In such hustle you need to find background and also where there are not unnecessary people moving around
  10. Have fun – Weddings are all about celebrating. The more fun you have as a photographer, the more creative and relaxed photos come out.

Don’t forget to shoot some unexpected random images, some memories on which you can laugh and treasure lifelong