What do Wedding Planners Charge for: Huge List of Stressful Tasks

Wedding planning is the burgeoning sector across the globe; however in India it might be a topic of hot debate that whether or not to hire a Professional Wedding Planner.

During the early stage, every couple thinks that they can make their wedding celebrations work as perfect as it should be, so there is no need to welcome a planner on board. True, no one knows your preferences better than you but hiring a professional to sort things out won’t drain any money. In fact the work done by wedding planners actually pays off when you get your back covered by someone, who is an expert in handling last minute hiccups.

At times, the role of a wedding planner is reviewed on the amount of fee they charge, as a result many of us decide to not to employ services for organising the D-Day. If you are an about to be bride or groom and saying no to professional services, then be ready to say hello to bag full of hullaballoo. Carve out few moments to ready this blog where we discuss how wedding planners handle all the preparations and what do they actually charge for:

  • Let them find a Wedding Venue and avoid the source of Drama

Travel research, budget assessment and the D-Day coordination, it’s everything but exciting. And, when you are blessed with meddling friends and family, the best option is to pick a planner for Venue selection, Catering consultation, and Décor and Music selection.

It might take time and patience, until final selection which means a wedding planner will make at least:

  • 5 trips to out of the town location for destination weddings (1-2 days tour)
  • 10 trips for in city weddings( 1-2 hours drive away)


  • It takes a lot than Google to seek the “Magnificent”

When we are talking about researching the best wedding stylists on the internet, it will take hardly 30 minutes to contact the specialists. But, it will not work out swimmingly when you get more than 50 quotations from renowned make up or hair stylists.

On the other hand, hiring a wedding planner will not only save your time but also guide on how to find the best.

    1. Negotiating for catering might take 10 visits downtown
    2. Finding the best stylists will take at least 5 visits
    3. Musicians, florists, and photographers, assume 3 visits for each
    4. Décor may take a bit of hard work so count 6-7 visits to find the best
  • Let them visit to the vendors while you focus on the Fun Part

Not necessarily, every couple has time to find the best florist or caterer in town. In the matter of fact, talking to the vendors during the final week might drive you crazy. People think planning their own wedding gives a feeling of customization; on the contrary researching for mini buses to receive your friends from the airport is not at all fun. Moreover, there is nothing romantic in researching for caterers across the town.

May be you are not good at making the best decision when you have to negotiate, hence hire someone who is well aware of the field. Wedding planners charge for actual appointment to the vendors, but it takes efforts and time to visit:

    1. The decorators at least 3 times;
    2. The caterers minimum 5;
    3. The photographers 2 times;
    4. The band troops at a minimum 2 times; and
    5. Priests and Padre for once at least.

On an average, if we think every visit is 30 minutes long and it takes 120 minutes to drive that place then, it will sum around 30 man hours. The number of visits to find the best vendor is just a ballpark figure which might increase significantly for a Destination Wedding Planning.

  • Get yourself pampered instead eating, sleeping and breathing a cell phone

Now that’s the actual bunch of stress a wedding planner might charge you for. In this mobile world, it’s hard to avoid the ring-ring even if it’s your wedding day. And, god forbade if you are taking care of every arrangement then you might have planned for walking down the aisle with a mobile charger in hand, haven’t you?

From every minute details to every horrendous task, cell phone is the key to success for a wedding planner. In an approx figure it might take:

    1. 150 hours of talk time to discuss the project details with the vendors, the couple and the team on phone.
    2. 50 hours to respond to all those emails sent by concerning brides or by those stylists whom you might have asked to send their quotations.
    3. 10 hours of follow up calls to the hotels, transport companies and third party vendors, who can even be a florist from abroad. To be noted, ISD calls in that case.
  • Expecting the unexpected is subject to Charge

Professional Wedding Planners are not just experts in finding the best piece of advice for you; they had their vision to expect the unexpected for which they charge. This is the reason people find wedding planners an extra expense which is actually a life saver in terms of broken boundaries, fallen banners, lost tuxedos, running late band troops, or misplaced wedding favors.

Wedding planners are last minute problem solvers; they can arrange another cake, another car, missing table, or even find you another decorator, caterer, musician or not-working generator, in worst case scenarios. They run with back up for every element required to make your wedding a perfect celebration, which means:

  • Extra phone calls
  • Extra driving down the lane
  • Extra man power
  • Early arrival at the site

Needless to say, things go wrong. And, if you want to impress your beloved that everything is going smoothly then you should be running in your wedding dress across the town to find substitute for missing wedding rentals. If truth be told, it does not sound that good, but alas; you hesitate to ask for favor to your guests.

The above listed tasks are by no means only duties a planner will perform, however, for weighing their significance on the base of the amount they charge; we can say that, a wedding planner keeps your best interest in mind for 6-8 months and do stressful tasks that can be seen in these jaw dropping figures:
– 25-30 visits to find the best vendors in the town (may be abroad).
– 15-20 follow up visits to make sure everything is going the expected way.
– 1350 minutes of driving and 200 hours of phone calls.
– 50-60 hours of internet to respond the quotations.
– 50 man hours per day on wedding venue for ceremonial activities


Generally a wedding in India takes 2-3 days to celebrate, whereas in case of Destination Weddings the Wedding Planners are also responsible for management of arrival and departure of every guest from airport to hotel and then back to their homes.

Every wedding is customised to an extent, however this blog may have provided you with an idea of what actually a wedding planner charge for, and if not then ask any of your friends who recently got married with help of a professional planner.