Why Eva?

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

At first people refused to believe Einstein, but today his legacy in Science and Art left people speechless. Absorbing positive knowledge from his quotes, our directors laid the foundations of Eva Events, and today we are proud to say that we do share similarities with the extraordinary persona of Einstein.

As an emerging Wedding Planning and Event Management Company, we are often asked by curious couples and Corporate Personnel, “What are your capabilities?”, “Why do we Hire you?”, “What’s your Science of Wedding Planning?”, “How well does Eva Events can handle Corporate Events?”, “How Eva Events can make our Wedding Planning Effortless?”.

Well answer to all those question marks simply lies in our ‘sound progress’ which we have made in such a short span of time. Our endeavors are not only appreciated in the country, our magic is spreading across the geographies. Reiterating our highlighted reel, here are some strong points that wowed our prestigious clientele so far:


  • Eva Events is synonymous to a world of choices when it comes to venues, décor, entertainment and food, which ultimately becomes the reason of our success.
  • Trendy, vintage, royal or totally unique and fairy style weddings, we have done it and now all geared to answer your style quiz too.
  • Graduated from top Hospitality Universities, our people know the style rules and design needs for all levels of events, ranging from high profile corporate ones to contemporary fun gatherings.


  • We are confident just like your bestie, whose role is to take your stress and strain away. We are remarkably good at being that as from day one we will be wading through lists to make you feel calm.
  • On the d-day we’ll have your back to handle all the hiccups, so that you can concentrate on far important things of life.
  • We keep your budget in mind and pick what is best for you. Widely cherished for our extra level of sophistication, we can help you get the perk you want without paying a fortune.

Eventually, client satisfaction is the key to us; as, nothing is better than a happy face. We have teamed up with recognized vendors, established caterers, and reckoned officials to ensure that your special celebration will turn out beautiful and heartfelt.

Stickler for flawlessness, the renowned Destination Wedding Planner and Event Management Company Eva Events can definitely take the occasions to the next level.

So, leave it to us and you are free to enjoy the day!